1. Exploring the Trade-off Between Model Performance and Explanation Plausibility of Text Classifiers Using Human Rationales
    Lucas Resck, Marcos M. Raimundo, and Jorge Poco
    In Findings of the Association for Computational Linguistics: NAACL 2024, Jun 2024
    Also presented as a poster at the LatinX in NLP at NAACL 2024 workshop
  2. MSc thesis
    Balancing performance and explanation plausibility: a multi-objective approach to text classification with human rationales
    Lucas Emanuel Resck Domingues
    Fundação Getulio Vargas, May 2024


  1. Distill n’ Explain: explaining graph neural networks using simple surrogates
    Tamara Pereira, Erik Nascimento, Lucas E. ResckDiego Mesquita, and Amauri Souza
    In Proceedings of The 26th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, Apr 2023
  2. LegalVis: Exploring and Inferring Precedent Citations in Legal Documents
    Lucas E. Resck, Jean R. Ponciano, Luis Gustavo Nonato, and Jorge Poco
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Jun 2023
    Presented at Visualization & Visual Analytics (VIS) 2022


  1. BSc thesis
    Inferring and Explaining Potential Citations to Binding Precedents in Brazilian Supreme Court Decisions
    Lucas Emanuel Resck Domingues
    Fundação Getulio Vargas, Dec 2021


  1. Report
    Circuits for Driving Low Power Direct Current Motors
    Lucas Emanuel Resck Domingues, and Júlia Gandini Blahun
    Dec 2018
    Original title in Portuguese: "Circuitos para Acionamento de Motores de Corrente Contínua de Baixa Potência"


  1. Report
    Brazilian Robotics Olympiad – OBR’2016, Level II Practical Modality
    Júlia Gandini Blahun, Luiza de Souza Pinto Regina, and Lucas Emanuel Resck Domingues
    Dec 2016
    Original title in Portuguese: "Olimpíada Brasileira de Robótica – OBR’2016, Modalidade Prática de Nível II"